Servataguse Muusika

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UPDATE: From July 2009 until early 2012 there were over 30 shows, and the 2nd yearly festival occurred on Nov 4-6, 2011, with over 20 performances.

The events have ceased but the idea has now morphed into tape production aka label status. Also the geographical focus of Servataguse Muusika has ceased. See the 'Tapes' tab. What you read below is the starting point.

Unusual Music From The Baltics And North

'Servataguse Muusika' gives platform for presenting performers for a triangulation of unusual music from the Baltic & Northern region centred in Estonia.

The series of events encompass performers from Estonia and also the greater region... Latvia, Finland, Russia and the occasional special guest from further abroad. The aim of this themed event is to present and promote those forms of music that exist beyond the margins. And which has 'some property' that takes it outside the realms of familiar song writing and/or song format.

The elements to cause this may (not necessarily) be:

Φ An absence of common instrumental format (i.e. guitar drums bass --- though please don't think this means a ban on the guitar bass drum format)
§ A sense of theatre or storytelling
Φ An oddity
§ Experimentation in both use of instrumentation and sound production and/or building instruments and sounds.
Φ An event of sound that when leaving the performance, causes one to see a same environment differently...
§ Unique design and composition of sound and its texture.
Φ An element of improvisation or looseness. (Though this doesn't mean a completely rehearsed and perfectly repeatable performances is disallowed).

At these events amateurs can perform alongside professionals. And seasoned performers will be just as welcome as performers starting out in live performance. It will be a meeting point and presentation of music from beyond the margins, exploring aspects of sound on a path less trodden and traversed.

One can expect anything from the most extreme performance sound art to more contemporary music forms, just so long as there is some tinkering with sound and performance, that takes it outside of 'pop culture' and 'alternative culture' derivitives.

Curator: Elijah Värttö