Servataguse Muusika

Servataguse Muusika Festival 2011: Nov 4,5,6

@ KATEL, põhja pst 27a, Tallinn, Estonia

Unusual music from the Baltics and North, shining a light on the most adventurous experimentalists of the region. With performers from Estonia, Finland, Russia, Sweden, Latvia, Denmark, Argentina and Scotland.

Roughly translated the title of the festival means 'music coming from behind the edge'. Occurring over three days there are some 20 plus performances of experimental/unusual music and some performance art, to be had in the space of what was once a Steel Mill by the seaside, named KATEL in Tallinn, Estonia.

Crudely and abstractly stated the first day has an anthropological slant, with elements of pop culture.
The second day becomes somewhat misanthropic, noisy and adventurous.
The third day is given to performance art, with amusicality and pure musicality, placed alongside one another.

In this festival the refined and polished, co-exist with the raw and uncooked. Fame is no virtue, the theme and method is all important. There are the seasoned and record label signed professionals of 'FONAL' and 'NOT NOT FUN', as well as other cult label signees from 'Posh Isolation' and 'Release The Bats Records'. Alongside these performers are the unsigned, but equally important. The sonic territory is broad, going beyond eclectic. The road of this festival goes down that which is less trodden and traversed, with qualities that are more interesting and fulfilling for doing so.


8pm doors. 9 pm live. 3am live ends.

Eleonora Tikas & Kalle Tikas
Kapsars Groshevs
Olimpia Splendid
Love Cult
Sand Circles
Kemialliset Ystävät
Kylie Minoise

8pm doors. 9 pm live. 3am live ends.

Morgue's Last Choice
Cat's Orchestra
Bizarre Uproar
Lust For Youth
Massive Ejaculation
Kuldaveärt Karud

8pm doors. 8.30 pm live. 11.30pm live ends.

Juha Valkeapää
Sebastian Wesman
Timo Viialainen
Rubenis, Borisov & Nosova

3 day pass: 17 euro / 15 euro presale
2 day pass (Fri & Sat): 15 euro / 13 euro presale
Fri/Sat pass: 9 euro / 7 euro presale
Sun pass: 5 euro

For details on how to pre-purchase tickets
Email: servataguse at gmail dot com

Here is the list of confirmed performances:

Kemialliset Ystävät (FIN)

An ever changing group of free form pilots who have been sending murky audio clouds from their basement. They utilize a wide spectrum of moldy acoustic instruments and almost broken electronics to create their joyful blasts. Of 'FONAL' Records.

Instruments: modified electronics, electric guitar, sampler keyboard, tapes, casio, percussion.

Sand Circles (SWE)

Invoking weird pop hymns that are equal parts mystic futurism, ultra-slow techno, and surrealistic nostalgia, Sand Circles is music for the ocean floor, rather than the dance floor. Of 'NOT NOT FUN' Records

Instruments: Analogue synthesiser, casio, 4-track cassette, tape recorders, echo

The Cats' Orchestra (RUS)

Admires avant-garde, synth, noise, lo-fi, experimental, electronic and field recordings sounds; also running Dumpster Diving lab label and Dumpster Diving Blog.

Instruments: bass guitar, voice, theremin, stylophone, water

Sebastian Wesman (ARG)

A composer violinist trained and born in Argentina... this is passioned, powerful and brittle. Casting aside the modern and post-modern. Back to older and superior craft and tradition.

Instruments: Violin, voice.

Lust For Youth (SWE)

Lust For Youth works in a terrain where danceable synth music and depressive drones overlap and become one and the same thing. noises, drum patterns and synth melodies, there is no side taken.

Instruments: synth, loop pedal, tapes, microphone, sampler.

Savidivas (EST)

Rare craft and knowledge in analogue electronics instrument building, merged with developed ideas in performance.

Instruments: A plethora of self made synthesisers, rhythm machines, effects, oscillators & noise.

Love Cult (RUS)

Many things at the same time with no clear message, just a feeling of open space and loving arms.

Instruments: 2 throats, 2 microphones, effect pedals and old drum machine.

Juha Valkeapää (FIN)

A performance artist, using his voice as his main tool. There have been six hundred performances of one hundred and thirty different works in twenty-four countries, solos and various group works, vocal & sound & performance art, theatre, music, dance.

Instruments: Voice & presence.

Kaspars Groshevs (LAT)

4 channel electronics swirling and contorting from each corner of the room independently.

Instruments: computer, 4 channel output, software, manual controllers.

Massive Ejaculation (RUS)

A man with cock and balls, wearing shredded tarzan underpants, a balaklava and or cardboard monster mask. Shit core at its greatest.

Instruments: Balaklava, penis, monster mask, voice & backing track.

Bizarre Uproar (FIN)

Hate! Lust! Flesh! Filth! Their extensive releases are impressive and highly wanted among die hard filth & violence fanatics. Live shows around globe. UK, Brazil, Germany etc. Hate and Lust to the maximum. w/ Female assistant from "SILENT ABUSE" project.

Instruments: fx pedals, vocals, prerecorded metaljunk, obscure female aktion (by SILENT ABUSE) on stage.

Postinstrumentum (EST)

A collective with self made metallic instruments for an apocalyptic era classical music.

Instruments: metal, nuts, bolts, junk, strings, oil barrels, pulleys, welding & wheels.

Olimpia Splendid (FIN)

Blooming and rottening flower of the scorpio / mud cake rising with roots deep in the Finnish underground/punk scene. Beats, shrieks and clumsy hypnosis via three guitars.

Instruments: Bass guitar, electric guitar, rhythm!

Kuldaveärt Karud (EST)

Probably Estonia's most important musical concept. Underdone, under-represented. It can be a train wreck, or it can be 'pretty bloody good'.

Instruments: Guitar, voice, radio, keyboard, absurdity, electronics.

Timo Viialainen (FIN)

Sound and performance artist who explores the areas of conceptual art through various symbolic images, acts and the use of light, video and sound controlled by interactive intuitive interfaces.

Instruments: Live video, electronics, cocktail glass, globe, metal trinketts, percussion.

Kylie Minoise (SCO)

Screaming at the top of his lungs, with harsh feedback from two amps, looking like a bare chested soccer hooligan with a scarf around the face to protect from the tear gas. Noise!

Instruments: microphone, feedback, guitar amps, fx pedals.

Eleonora Tikas & Kalle Tikas (EST)

Duo of free vocal eccentricity and guitar. A primitivism!

Instruments: voice, guitar.

C.n.o.p.t. (EST)

A performance art group with the intention of hurling people, on occasion, by sensory overload. This performance will not involve music, so this video is a red herring to you.

Instruments: expect anything, but not everything.


Loke Rahbek is part of the danish experimental label Posh Isolation and part taker in numerous projects. The work under his own inititals is industrial music, but industrial that bends and points from noise to almost melodic synth pieces. He recently released his first album entitled "Exile", based on a piece of writing by jewish German writer Hans Sahl and will perform parts of that.

Instruments: Contact mics, Synth, Tapes, Microphone, sampler.

Edgars Rubenis, Alexei Borisov & Olga Nosova (LAT/RUS)

A collaboration worthy of monument. Improv guitar, drums, and electronics. Borisov is a stalwart of the Russian underground since the 80s, with impressively diverse projects. This one sees him pairing with Rubenis of 'Mona De Bo', and the percussive talents of Nosova.

Instruments: Guitar, bass, drums, electronics, voice.

Morgue's Last Choice (EST)

A most uncommon Black Metal project with a stylish horror film aesthetic.

Instruments: Voice, sampler, fx, synth.